who was whitney houston

interesting! i sit on my computer to write a post and i find myself writing about whitney elizabeth houton personally i never knew her life just her song but today i had to know her personally and this is what i get, i hope it helps you know her too she was born i august 9 1963 in newark,new jersy, and was called to glory feb 11 2012 at hte age of 48 at her berverly hills hotel room in the bathtub.

she sang pop,gospel,soul,r&b.aside from being a singer interestingly i found out she was also a model and actress(call me whatever for not knowing that) i never knew! she recorded on labels like arista,cissy houston and dionne warwick.

one amazing thing also is she was cited most awarded female act by guiness world record in 2009 having over 180million albums,singles,movie soundtrack videos worldwide and has recorded diamond,platinum,multi-platinum and gold certificatio albums.she is also the only female to chart no1 billboard hot 100 seven consecutive times and only female with two no1 billboard 200 album awards.

her first acting role was in the movie titled ‘the bodygaurd…to tell the truth her records show first female this,first female that,million copies this,millions copies that which wants to make me think she did everything perfect..well almost perfect if you look at the drugs angle.

lets take a look at her growing up and personal life. she started singing at age 11 following her mothers footsteps and learned the piano after she joined the junior choir at the new hope baptist church newark. her first solo perfomance was ‘guide me o thou great jehovah’ as a teenager she attended mount saint dominic academy(all girls catholic school) where she met her best friend robyn crawford whom she described as ‘the sister i never had’ she used to spend nights at nite clubs where her mother sang and later became back-up singer for people like michael zagar, chaka khan,lou rawls and jermaine jackson

inthe 80s she became amodel and appeared on mags like glamour,cosmopolitan,seventeen,young miss and did a commercial for a soft drink.

she founded a non-profit foundation for children who surfered homelessness,cancer,aids and provided aid to them around the world. she also was made spokesperson for a youth leadership conference hosted at wasington DC and had private audience with george H W bush.

now her private life, she dated and married american footbaler bobby brown and gave birth to her only child ‘bobbi kristina houston brown, her husband was nothing good to write home about since he always spent time in and out of jail and law offices.it is speculated he introduced her to mrijuana and cocaine. rumours about her drug use started moving aroun in the 2000s after and aiport check point found them both in possesion but charges were later dropped.she really had ataste of both sides of life the good and the bad.her drug involvment which she earlier denied led to cracks in her voice,cancelled shows and interviews,weight loss and cranky attitude which made some audience turn her off.

before her death she met singers brandy and monica and song ‘jesus loves me’ alongside kelly price

she has influenced, motivated and giuded stars like beyonce, mary j blige, kell rowland, mariah carey, toni braxton, nelly furtado, kelly clarkson,ciara, leona lewis,jessica simpson,robi thicke,lady gaga,britney spears,alicia keys and lots more.

whitney elizabeth houston lived a life and will be buried tommorow next to her father. indeed my sincers admiration and condolences to her family


greates love of all

i wanna dance with somebody

where do broken hearts go

i will always love you

could i have this kiss forever

tell me whats your fav. song…..adieu W>E>H!

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