how to overcome the world

did you read my last article if not check it for follow you wish to overcome the previously listed behaviors? Then practise these:
1.start spending less time with unbelieving friends or born again friends who love the world.
2. Join fellowship and make new friends.
3.get a bible reading plan or a daily devotional
3. Set an alarm for personal morning devotion.
4. Scan your phone,pc, gadget and shelf for everything that does not includ God and get rid of them.
5.go get gospel cds,mp3 etc.
6.control your tv ratings and avoid lustful discusion.
7. Pray always and ask God for help and a new heart. regularlw to strenghten your spirit.
9.change your dress style (if needed)
10. Talk less and listen to God’s voice,show love to others,be nice and gentle,avoid pride and keep the ten commandments contact me anytime for further help. Remain blessed

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