move out from the world

the world in biblical standard cn refer to earth,people on earth or a set of behaviour that does not walk with God.our father want us to be not conformed to the world but how do you achieve that?…when the world is everywhere even in your
home..from calendars,commercials and music that corrupt your mind.ok its accepted that you can put the above away what about your colleague,schoolmates who claim to be born again but listen to wordly music,wear skimpy cloths and tell you xtianity is in the heart. Dont be decieve God does not take half dedication you have to decide if you will be hot or cold in or out or he wil spit you out!…be in the world but not of the world…dont sit on the fence,dont be lukewarm,,,find out where you belong and decide before its too late!…check our blog for :10 ways to know if you are of the world


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