how to effectively handle dissapointment

My redeemer lives

YES!!!! we do know our redeemer lives and for that alone we can face tomorrow, not just the day,but all the days of our lives….being a Christian does not make you immune to disappointment nope!, but it helps you deal with them. you will know you cant afford to hate them or ourselves, we have to forgive cause its for our benefit not theirs…its

okay to shed some tears but it would be better if your teary period does not exceed a day, hmmm, that must have gotten to you right?..let me give you some personal do’s and don’ts of disappointment


  • don’t be eager to make new plans: i used do that a lot too….absorb the pain first and heal it before making plans on how to exclude that person from your life.only then will you make wise plans that wont be based on their actions but your life.
  • don’t lay the blame entirely on one person! it takes two to tangle, it takes two blind men to collide…..
  • don’t try to inflict pain or revenge, it will only hurt you and make you exactly like the person who hurt you
  • don’t say i don’t care when you really do..admit you are hurt and you will be halfway up your healing road
    don’t assume you know the whole story,if not immediately but try to listen to them before conclusion
  • don’t develop bitterness
  • examine your actions and pick out where you made mistakes,no matter how little and apologize
  • talk to a Christian friend or counselor

and you will be be God’s little angels of peace and virtue!see other christian articles

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