Abstain from all appearance of evil

1 Thessalonians 5:22

“abstain from all appearance of evil”

evil is anything that comes from the devil.God will never tolerate evil or evil acts or evil thoughts no matter how minuet you think it is.he will never reduce his standard or holiness for you.the only thing he will do which will help and is only available to the new testament Christians is GRACE…grace ensures you get forgiveness when you repent from a sinful/evil act but don’t abuse grace by sinning/repenting and sinning/repenting lifestyle..God might be patient but he promises to “spit you out if you be neither cold nor hot” lets remember that in the camp of the Israelites 24,000 lost their lives because of the immorality of one person

Features of evil

  • evil challenges the all good nature of God
  • it makes you see God as very demanding
  • it is disorder-because it was not there from the beginning of creation
  • it is harmful and destroys your life
  • it breeds the judgment of the almighty “the wicked will never go unpunished”
  • it implicates others and damns them Ezekiel 18:4
  • evil always seek to hide from the eyes of men
  • evil seeks to dominate

1 john 5:19 “we know that we are of God and the whole world lieth in wickedness”

Galatians 5:19-20 “now the works of the flesh are manifest ,which are adultery,fornication,uncleanness,lasciviousness, idolatry,witchcraft,hatred,variance,emulation,wrath,


reveling…….now you know the fruits of evil how do you overcome them

  • Flee from evil 1 peter 2:10-11,2 timothy 2:22,job 31:1
  • keep away from covetousness-greed and the desire to acquire and accumulate what does not belong to you or by dubious means.Luke 12:15, Ephesians 5:3.ex. of one in he bible is Gehazi the help of Elijah
  • keep your thoughts and lips from evil 1 peter 3:10
  • avoid stealing
  • turn away from alcohol and hard drugs no matter how little
  • do not hate in your heart

outside all these:

repentance and faith will guide you through.see more articles

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