if you are asking this question, trust me you are not alone…yes a lot of Christians…true Christians tend to ask this question at one point or the other. that’s why its okay to wonder but the TRUTH is… are!….yes you are, why? i will tell you…you are asking because something does not feel or look right anymore in your life and that could only mean you are doing something wrong no matter how small or you have stopped doing something no matter how small

that thing may be as small as watching an intimate scene in a movie that results to lustful thoughts and imagination or you reduced your bible study time or your prayer time….i know some might not call this backsliding but it is…you don’t just backslide in a day it starts from an insignificant incident

and the funny part about this is that we know deep down in us that we’re going astray.but we do nothing and say nothing till its almost late.

my dears if you are asking the following whether you agree with me or not;

  • get on your knees and ask for mercy
  • find out what you stopped doing and resume
  • find out what you started doing and stop
  • Good luck and feel free to contact me anytime by placing a comment and I’ll get to you.see more articles

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