Confidence in persecution

persecution is when a believer of Christ’  life is threatened and his environment is in turmoil caused by the ‘haters’ of his faith…hoping they can take him out of Christ in so doing.the issue here is not how much persecution we face it is how well we handle it and still stand firm in Christ,lets look at a few benefits of persecution

  • Hebrews 11:35b-tortured,not accepting deliverance;that they might obtain a better resurrection
  • Mathew 5:10-blessed are….persecuted….for theirs is the kingdom of God
  • 2corrinthians 4:17-affliction…worked for us…..eternal weight of glory

now we are assured that persecution is biblical and Christians are expected to go through them for a greater do we know we will not be destroyed by persecutors?

  • psalm 37:32,33-the lord will not leave him in his hands
  • psalm 46:1-God is a present help in time of trouble
  • Hebrews 13:5b,6-the lord is my helper,and i will not fear what can man do unto me
  • 2corrinthians 4:8-11-persecuted but not forsaken

we do have an unmoving confidence in the presence of God in every situation we may face.he has not promised us a life without trials but has promised to be there to guide and see us through it all.and we know that if God be for us who can be against us? one..his WORD is yes and amen it cannot change neither can it fail.God is not man to lie so if he says he will be there through the waters and the flames and the floods THEN you can be sure he is right here with you.if you cant find him around just be STILL and you will know he is God and everything worked for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose.there are reasons why he lets us face persecution and there are:

Mathew 10:23/acts 8:14/acts11:19= to spread the gospel.they do not know that in condemning God’s faithful servants they help indirectly spread the word-thus arousing interest

Mathew 13:21=it shows those who are wholeheartedly in Christ

genesis:50:20/exodus 14:1-28/psalm 76:10=in every bad God shows a good.what you see as evil is for a greater good


  • Be fearless and unmovable ;Mathew 10:28/Jeremiah 1:17-19/acts 20:24
  • have joy always ;Mathew 5:12/Luke 6:22,23
  • never be ashamed ;1peter 4:16/Isaiah;50:7
  • suffer willingly for a good cause:Jeremiah 15:15b/Mathew 5:10/2thessa 1:5

we have lots of men who suffered persecution in the bible and stood fearlessly till the end.we should learn about and follow their stead.we suffer for the word to spread but no amount of suffering could be compared to that of which Christ suffered for us to have abundant life and grace.that alone should give your joy that you are partaking in his trials and therefore will partake in his joy and everlasting peace.

Names of people who were persecuted in the bible (Paul and his companions/timothy/Moses/Jeremiah/john the Baptist/Paul and silas and lots more)

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